The history of Flash on Web Design

Web Design Malaysia industry leaders would have you remember well the history of web design. The softwares and tools that we may take for granted today exist solely because of the lack of them in the beginning with these tools created for simple initial uses before being continuously worked on in order to create even more creative styles. This article will focus on the history of Flash, a software that was created mainly in order to help place animations into a website provided you have it downloaded in to your computer. This would later be expanded to make full on animated shows that can be placed into a website and even for browser games which helped to invite the rise of flash games websites like newgrounds and miniclip. Specifically this article will explain in brief form the history of the software and how it is expanded.

Originally, newfound company FutureWave wanted to create a pen computing system called SmartSketch which was to be used on Mac OS. However, the software was trapped in development hell and eventually faded away. To keep the assets that have already been created the company reworked it so that it it would used to make web based animation. Dubbed FutureSplash the rise of the World Wide Web in late 1995 gave the company more motivation to continue development for the tool. Soon, MacroMedia, which would later be bought by Adobe, would go on to buy the company and the software to also help their video playing software Shockwave and rename the FutureSplash to the name it we know of today, Flash. Flash would later be used on a number of websites, most notably, New grounds which it would be most popular in developing animated shows and games with its simple yet incredibly innovative design as well as YouTube which made uploading videos easier with the sue of flash.

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