Signs from Your Body’s Liver

Do you know what’s the sign that will happen when your kidney is screaming for your help?

At first, you will not notice much even your kidney is giving you signal, but when time passes by, you will be getting more symptoms that confirm your liver is asking you to stop a certain habit to prevent the situation turns to become worse.

So, here are the symptoms you can definitely notice about when your liver is starting to scream to you.

First, you will be noticing your skin started to become abnormal, you will feel very itchy on your skin, especially your hands and body, this is the most obvious signs you can never ignore.

Besides your skin started to feel itchy and you will be constantly scratching it, your eyes will start to turn yellow for no reason.

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Although it sounds like no big deal, but in actual, you are really suffering from the uncomfortable. Basically, this kind of symptoms is called jaundice, in a scientific medical name.

You will also notice your urine colour is abnormal, while usually normal people’s urine is transparent to yellow colour, liver disease patient will be having slightly darker colour of urine.

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One of the most obvious symptoms you can get is vomiting for no reason, you will not have a good appetite and constantly feeling like you wanted to vomit everything you have eaten, and as well as having bruises on your skin for no reason.

If you have noticed this kind of obvious symptoms from your body, please consult a doctor or do a full body check-up.

If you are not taking good care for your own health, who will?