Enjoy your espresso coffee at Home

Enjoy your espresso coffee at Home

If you are a coffee lover then you might be familiar with the word espresso. Expresso is something like which gives a lot of brewing flavor to you froth and also you can enjoy with your coffee with any of your favorite flavor. But if you like the flavor and content of coffee then it will be ok you just make your cup of coffee.

For the expresso coffee 1st step of your work is taking the coffee beans and put them in a cup then mix your coffee beans properly for a good mixing after some mixing then you can put your sugar. Generally, for the coffee is your sugar level will be ok but for the expresso coffee most of the time the sugar level is high then the as usual unless you don’t request for a cup of coffee with less sugar’s back to the track mix your amount of sugar with your coffee beans and you will get an aroma of wonderful coffee beans and it will be a sweet kinds of smell with coffee.

Then put some hot milk. Make sure that the milk is processed properly then just mix little bit of milk or you can also put some evaporated milk because the evaporated milk gives a creamy texture if you don’t have enough cream or you are not applying the creamer in your coffee then go for it even through evaporated milk is use in the pastries also like in food and pastries Damansara use it also but in a healthy way for their customer. At first take a little amount of milk mix nicely with your cup of coffee then the texture will be nicely creating a content of coffee.

Now your espresso is all ok to give you full look so add more milk or hot water quickly then your coffee will made with wonderful flavor and a good amount of foams.

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